Guerrilla Games' Must-Do List For 'Killzone 2'

Multiplayerblog: "The PlayStation 3 shooter we've been talking about for years is finally becoming a reality, as "Killzone 2? arrives on shelves today. We asked developer Guerrilla Games producer Sebastian Downie to compile a list of things "Killzone 2? gamers "must do" while playing their game - here's what he said."

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Pennywise3577d ago

Good list! 2 hours of hell left. Cant wait to start my weekend.

Also the title is misleading... its a list for players to do in game.

iHEARTboobs3577d ago

A few of the first one's were from the SP campaign I think. But it was a great list. I have my copy of KZ2 here at work staring at me. 4 more hours!

DavidMacDougall3577d ago

Nobody has unlocked anything yet so everyone is just assault rifling each other, i ain't even see a sniper rifle yet LOL

MisterNiwa3577d ago

Assaultrifling eachother? Hell no, im already Colonel, just 200 EXP left and im General, Scout Baby SCOUT! :D

But i prefer being Technican at the moment.. Sure is awesome to have your own Flybot and do spawnpoints in heated battlefield!

WelshGunner3577d ago

Lets see i've done 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,12,13 and 14 allready lols.

Just got The campaign ones to do. This online hardly takes any time to rank up :/. Had it since thursday and im 100xp From 1st General

PHOSADRA3576d ago

Take out a GG developer
That would make my day........

ARog343576d ago

...Play this game!

I might be going for it tommorow.

You know, it sux for me, I'm stuck a week before my 17th B-Day and I want to pick up KILLZONE, ARGHH! The anticipation has been killing me!

G-DOG3576d ago

How bout u freakin add Customizable button control scheme 4 the layout of the control. DAM U GG. I have lots of plp just on my list complaining bout that including me. 1 OF MY BUDDY ONLY HAS 1 ARM HIS LEFT & he disperatly needs that cus not only he needs 2 switch the controls 4 a lefty but move around some buttons 2 make it work 4 him. In conclusion he wont be playing wit me or at all cus its 2 dam hard 4 him. He went back 2 RESISTANCE cus it has that. Way 2 segrate every1 GG. IDIOTS. Also how bout u freaken add in game freinds invite so we can all meet in a room/lobby then go on 2 choose a game so we r all together. I cant believe a thing so important like this is missing but hey it does say in game invites in the back of the box. Thats misleading GG thank u 4 screwing that up. I had such a hard time trying 2 play with my friends. Yes i know u can click on ur friends & go 2 the game their at but what if its full or 10 or so of u r trying 2 get together. Sh*t u need to have 1 enter a game & hope that there is rrom 4 everyone 2 enter & then u might not even b on the same team. GG/SONY what the [email protected]*K ha. How hard is it to add this asap. PLEASE show support & hit agree if u do.