GIO:Star Ocean:The Last Hope Review

From Star Wars to Ender's Game, the greatest sci-fi epics roll characters, conflict, and technology into one captivating story. Star Ocean: The Last Hope does not. Riddled with unbearable dialogue and awkward plot points, The Last Hope's narrative flubs up almost every opportunity to forge a connection with the player. A weak story is a critical flaw in any RPG, but Star Ocean makes strides towards redemption with its gameplay. The real-time combat is more than just button-mashing thanks to excellent additions like the Bonus Board and Blindside strikes, and the array of special skills means you've always got cool options available. I also was happy to see the backtracking issue from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time addressed; the sense of progression and accomplishment is now more defined. Once the game opens up and lets you explore its mechanics, Star Ocean: The Last Hope is hard to put down. The real challenge is fighting the urge to give up during some of the more strained verbal exchanges and ludicrous story developments.

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GWAVE3551d ago

Meh. Storyline is why I play RPGs. No reason to play an RPG with a crappy plot, crappy characters, and crappy dialog when there are far better choices out there on the PC, 360, PS3, DS, and PSP.

jahcure3551d ago

Why this game was not getting reviewed. There was probably a NDA on it since it was garbage and SE imposed the block until after a week of sales?

N4Sony3551d ago

play the game fanboy. Basically, for those of you who AREN'T just against products for reasons beyond that of which could be justified by someone who hasn't hit puberty, this game is like SO3 gameplay meets Xenosaga presentation. If that floats your boat, as it floats mine, BUY THIS GAME.