Sony In Talks with Ready At Dawn About PSP Title

Kotaku Writes:

Ready at Dawn, the development studio behind two of the most popular titles for the Playstation Portable, may be returning to PSP development.

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BlackIceJoe3455d ago

I so hope this is true RAD has made some really great games for the PSP and so I would like to see another title from them. I also would love if they could make a new IP for the PSP.

Cajun Chicken3455d ago

THIS is what I like to hear.

Socomer 19793455d ago

What games are READY AT DAWN known for?
i forget things & im not giving Kotaku a hit.

fan_of_gaming3455d ago

Daxter and God Of War: Chains Of Olympus on PSP

Socomer 19793455d ago

dam! How could I forget that?!?
Im losing it bro...

Argento-Nox3455d ago

I'm completely with "TEAM YES" on this. It could be the "dawn" of better times for the psp (pun absolutely intended).