Killzone 2; Guerrilla thwart rank-up abusers

PS3 Attitude writes: "Guerrilla have already spotted that a number of players have been setting up games where real players take on an army of low-end bots in order to increase their experience points artificially..."

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Brodiesan3550d ago

There goes that idea!

UnwanteDreamz3550d ago

Thank you for this GG. I was worried about this heard yesterday that it was happening.

Boosters suc a$$

Yipee Bog3550d ago

But has anyone else had a problem with the killzone website? I think it died due to heavy traffic. Makes me smile though because lots of people are interested in the game

DominusRebellis3550d ago

Why would people go through so much trouble to get a little virtual ranking? That has to be the most pathetic thing! If you don't get respect in life, then yes it makes sense to do such a thing to get respect from fellow nerds for having a high ranking but...just play the [email protected] game and who gives a sh!t about virtual ranking..unless you have too much time on your hands

legendkilla3549d ago

i just got the game yesterday.. there is dude's at the top of the online that have 6100 kills already? how could that be?

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Dissidia3550d ago

how fun is that? cheating to rank up, why even play?..

DolphGB3550d ago

Couldn't agree more...

There's people like you and I battling away to reach the next level, and in the next (metaphorical) room teams are shooting mindless drones to get XP... pretty lame, wouldn't you say.

Good thing Guerrilla have acted fast...

Brodiesan3550d ago

Exactly - but there are a legion of people out there that only care about bragging rights; irrespective of how they got there.

My comment above was a joke by the way. I've never cheated in a game in my life. Well, I don't think I have ...

Hmmm ... I must give that some more thought.

Does getting really annoyed with spawn-campers and then spawn-camping them count?

I suppose it does.

*hangs cheating head in shame*

PS3istheshit3550d ago

i play online cuz its so fun
if i rank up theres like nothing keeping me playing again cuz i cant get any better
thank god for prestidge mode
im getting it today and its so weird how its just a couple hours away
see you on killzone 2 ppl

Pennywise3550d ago

Bots shouldnt be allowed in ranked rooms. End of problem.

cayal3550d ago

"Exactly - but there are a legion of people out there that only care about bragging rights; irrespective of how they got there."

Anyone who brags about their online rank really needs to assess their life.

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majiesto3550d ago

It's good to see them keeping on top of things and taking care of the problems.

Brodiesan3550d ago

They do seem to be very on top of things over at GG.

The -931 server error issues comes to mind.

Here's hoping it continues and the servers don't get borked over the weekend !


_Q_3550d ago

A bunch of weak ass cheaters out there
good job to GG for catching it so quick

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