Wii Gets Final Fantasy IV Sequel

From Siliconera - "Square Enix will release Final Fantasy IV: The After, a direct sequel to Final Fantasy IV, in North America under the name Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The ESRB spilled the surprise rating Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for Wii with an E rating and gave this description."

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3577d ago
PS360WII3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Ah so it did say the Wii... Very cool :) FFIV is awesome and I'm glad the Wii is getting this sequel perfect place for it as well.

Chris3993577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

FF2/ 3 (really 5 and 6) and 8 are the only games that inspire any sort of happiness towards SquareEnix nowadays.

I just got my Wii a couple of weeks ago because I KNEW that it was becoming a must have JRPG machine: Arc Rise Fantasia, two Tales games, Muramasa, Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga (actually DOESN'T look like poo, I was very surprised), and now this.

I think it has a lot to do with the install base and cheap/ fast development. There's a good chance that I'll see most, if not all of the RPGs I just listed this year too, which is nice.

P.S. The ESRB has it listed as 2D!! Very, very interested now, especially in light of titles like Muramasa. Wii may not push too many polys, but gorgeous sprites and art direction can make a huge impact regardless.

EDIT: Followed the original source article. Looks like it might just be a cellphone port/ Wiiware game. Interest declining, but still present...sigh...

PS360WII3577d ago

Well yeah it first came out on the mobile in Japan so that's kind of what they need to go with, but if Crystal Defenders is any indication SE can make a good port of a mobile game.

Product3577d ago

@ Chris
"The ESRB has it listed as 2D!! Very, very interested now, especially in light of titles like Muramasa."

Thats interesting.........i doubt it will look as beautiful as Demon Blade but if they could get anywhere near that level of art would be impressive especially for an old Final Fantasy sequel,imagine a new Chrono Trigger with Demon Blade art........

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Foxgod3577d ago

will it get a graphics overhaul, or do we get the cellphone graphics ?

PS360WII3577d ago

maybe a slight increase but seeing that it's going for a sequel of a SNES game me thinks it'll retain that kind of look

Product3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Regardless it will prolly be a Wiiware game so it wont cost that much,maybe $15.

Dark_Vendetta3577d ago

wasn't there a link to about Final Fantasy (the after??) few weeks ago? I don't know but it sounds familiar. So I guess it'll be a Wiiware/XBL/PSN title by Sqaure Enix, probably a reworked version of the DS remake.

PS360WII3577d ago

Your half right :) the only thing wrong was about the DS remake as it never happened this is a sequel to FFIV that was only released on mobile phones in Japan I think last year or two years ago.

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Gun_Senshi3577d ago



Imo, its FF IV > FF VI > FFVII

I have to buy a Wii now :( Cesil and Kain <3

FinalomegaS3577d ago

I never like Cecil, but Kain had a bad a$$ vejita voice type. Dragoon = pawn

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