IncGamers: Men of War Review

IncGamers' Tim McDonald looks at this new addition to the RTS genre and discusses how this game differs from the rest.

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Leord3550d ago

Ooh, that's a fun series. I remember the first one of the plastic figures, quite cool =D

syrinx3550d ago

The demo of this was cool, and the review looks like it should be on my RTS hit list.

Leord3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

So, what other games are on your RTS list then? =)

Did you hear of StarCraft 2? It seems to be pretty hot!

Maticus3550d ago

Sounds wicked! I'm not usually into these sorts of games (shock horror) but I could actually visualise the game from the review and I wanted to play it right there and then!

Dorjan3550d ago

Sounds like a real promise. If they can learn from the responses I can't wait for men of war 2!

Leord3550d ago

Well, need to have something to occupy myself with until SC2 is released sometime in 2015 =P

decapitator3550d ago

Man, am still on the fence about this game. Am so focused on Dawn of War II right now but I wil check the demo out when I beat dow II on captain difficulty.

Fyzzu3550d ago

From what I've seen of both they've got similarities. Big emphasis on small squads and tactics, but it sounds like Men of War has some huge battles too.

decapitator3550d ago

Oh really ? I absolutely love Dawn of War II. I like the squad based aspects of it and the Hero addition makes it even better for me. I will give the demo of this a try and see whats up.

Thanks for the heads up though.

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