GoNintendo 'End Of Day' Thoughts - Exclusive Trailer For Night Game

GoNintendo.Com Writes:

"Night Game, developed and published by Nicalis: Exclusively for WiiWare, Night Game (working title) is part action game and part puzzler. It invites players into a beautifully atmospheric world, where they must use real physics to maneuver a mysterious, glowing sphere through vastly different locales. Night Game pushes the boundaries of design with its unique art style, and professionally produced music score. This title is a 2009 Independent Games Festival Seumas McNally Award nominee and from the same developers responsible for Cave Story on Wii"

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chrisjc3548d ago

Anything from GoNintendo is front page quality

Product3548d ago

This actually reminds me alot of World of Goo only with a ball instead of goo. Looks good so far. Sleek puzzle games like this and Goo are underrated in my book.
Glad World of Goo is getting the spotlight it deserves and if this game is anything like it hopefully it does aswell.

Shnazzyone3548d ago

this game looks kinda cool. I love unique art design in games and this seems to have some. Physics puzzle titles just make me happy.

fatstarr3548d ago

they should add this with knytt stories
in a compilation pack =]