Does Killzone 2 reflect the PS3's full potential?

Techradar: "It's always fascinating to look back at the early shots of flagship games for new consoles – to dream of what might have been, to rue what wasn't, or even to make grunts of sheer surprise that it did actually work out as planned.

As a case in point, today sees the release of Killzone 2 – the current great white hope for the Playstation 3, and sequel to the first-person shooter that was once mooted as the Playstation 2's Halo-killer.

Killzone 2's been one of the vanguards of the Playstation 3 marketing push since 2005, when an E3 video, presumed by many to be in-engine footage, but in fact was an optimistic 'target render', wowed the crowds into thinking Sony's upcoming console would be some kind of technological revolution."

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metalhead3551d ago

No silly it reflects 60% of the PS3s full potential.

MURKERR3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

im playing it right now and it surpasses that trailer in some instances, now we have the game we are seeing for ourselves

Lifendz3551d ago

My entire buddy list is playing the game at the moment. This is going to be great. KILLZONE!!!

TheTwelve3551d ago

And this is the kind of game that I bought a PS3 for. Motorstorm, MGS4, Uncharted, Valkyrie of that caliber are why I bought this thing.


UnwanteDreamz3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I couldn't have said it better myself. I wont downplay 360 exclusive games but in reality if I wanted to play those games I'd buy a 360. I wanted to play the new MGS, GOW, and KZ2 among others so I chose PS3. It's all about the games for me.


Awwwww why so glum dont hate....participate.......hey lets start a fund so Frank can get a PS3 and stop crying.

"Enjoy Killzone you idiots its been a long time coming, 360 owners have been enjoying games of this calibur since launch day."

Sure buddy....whatever you say.

3551d ago
darthv723551d ago

I would have to say no based on the potential other devs will find the longer they work at it. Some of the best games from generations past have come out at or near the end of the systems lifespan.

It is usually by then that all manner of exploits have been found and devs can really work their magic and make things happen you never thought possible.

One of the best examples of this would be Ranger X on the genesis. Had some of the best scrolling and action on screen and it was one of the last games to be released for sega's cartridge legend.

JsonHenry3551d ago

Game looks great. Just wish that consoles would have better (higher rez) textures in their games. But certainly this game looks better than what I thought a console could pull off this generation.

majorsuave3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I'm pretty sure that in 2014 (they have a 10 year plan dont they?) any major titles made for the PS3 will make KZ2 look so 'passé'.

Compare PS2 games of 2006 with those of 2000... It does not look like the same console.

TheTwelve3551d ago

Sorry, Frank, but I'm afraid I love top-of-the-line graphics. If I just wanted gameplay, I would have gotten a Wii, not a 360. Killzone 2 and the other games I listed are top of the line in every way, including graphics...and that's why I got a PS3.


RussDeBuss3551d ago

uncharted 2, god of war 3, heavy rain all say we are just getting started.

playstations historically improve up until the next console is out,graphically, judging by gow2.

360 to me seems to have blown it's load already, and too soon.
that is the downside of making a console that is easy for devs to make games for early on, it gets harder to make the newer games look massivly better. geow 1 and 2, although definatly looking better from 1 to 2, to was not a big jump in graphics

N4g_null3550d ago

You guys do realize this is one of the main reasons high end people are NOT buying the PS3 and instead getting some thing that already proves it's worth like a new PC card to run crysis.

All of this talk of the PS3 has not reached it's full potiential and the lack of any game that need that potientail game play wise are reason why people will wait for the PS3 to A) drop in price or B) realize it's potential.

I'm sorry I don't buy high end stuff to be told it is only using 60% of my system. The first thing I will ask is where is the game that uses 90% then. Most people will answer it has not been made yet and then procedd to tell me it is some great programming puzzle when photoshop CS4 is actualy using GPUs for it's code now and crysis has been out for ever along with more games that will be using multiple cores and GPUs with over 200 cores in them.

The price along does not warrant the hype and actually makes it quit negative to many who do not care about blu-ray. I know it makes owners feel good about their system but that is all it is doing right now.

Now what happens when the xbox 360 gets a way better looking game? Seriously this is possible simply because of art direction along. Any trick that the PS3 gets the xbox 360 will get also since it also has untapped potential with in it's 3rd core.

Another thing is UT3 runs on lots of old PCs surprisingly well. It just goes to show you that Epic along with other PC developers had a lot to learn about optimizing code. That was not the point back in the day. Or maybe it was more about selling video cards, either way it worked and they got funding to final tweak their code.

Seriously if you hold epic as the best coders out their then you may be happily surprised in the future at the xbox if some one chooses to bless the system with a great playing game. The same goes for the PS3 yet you may want to set away from the hype because only kids will believe you and they are not walking around with $400 these days, especial after mom and dad got their hours cut back.

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el_bandito3551d ago

Call 'em full potential or call 'em 60% PS3 cell processing power or whatever...I just never imagined a console game looking as good as this one.

Pennywise3551d ago

Its only going to get better... which I know, is hard to believe.

negative3551d ago

I hope the final product looks better than the demo.... because the demo wasn't THAT impressive. Disagree all you want fanboys but I went right back to COD4 on the 360 and didn't miss a beat.

I'm going to get Killzone 2 but I sure won't be praising what isn't there like the rest of you.

doG_beLIEfs3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Tell me, what games have you played where the best looking most intense levels are at the BEGINNING of the game? If you have read ANY of the reviews almost every single one said that about midway thru the SPC, it ramps up graphically and in intensity. Some of the later levels are said to have over 200 dynamic lights that realistically reflect off and interact with the environment. To put that into perspective, most games have 3 or 4 dynamic lights.

Give it time or get rid of it and go play you COD4. Having said that, even the demo does things that no other console games have ever done. Volumetric smoke interacting with the environment? A.I. charging up the stairs in a flanking maneuver while another Helghast fires on you to keep you unaware?

KZ2 is NOT COD4...and I am glad that its not.

Brodiesan3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

The final product looks better than the demo. And plays better too.

As you're picking it up soon you should see for yourself. Check back in and let us know what you think.

I also was not BLOWN away by the demo. The final product however - it is better IMHO.

[EDIT] Amazing. You disagree with someone's opinion? Do you also kick puppies and shake your fist at women voting? Pathetic.

Makroyale3551d ago

This is a lot better than I expected with a gaming console. These are PC quality graphics.

This game definitely raises the bar graphically and is going to be the new standard to which all games will be compared to.

Pennywise3551d ago

blue shirt. dont buy kz. stay on your 360, please.

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jkhan3551d ago

Just wait till killzone 3 comes out or why wait that long just wait till Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain comes out;)

Brodiesan3551d ago

Somehow, with that avatar - I'm pretty sure he didn't forget about GOWIII


jkhan3551d ago

Naa I can never forget my most anticipated game. I was just specifically talking about this year only.

silvacrest3551d ago

GOW 3 may still come out this year

dont lose hope!

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_Q_3551d ago

Killzone 2 doesnt make you feel like its showing the PS3's full potential

doG_beLIEfs3551d ago

is the constant improvement in the software. Every Playstation has been accused of being hard to code for by some developers yet every Playstation INCLUDING the PS3 have shown what they are capable of.

Look at PS1 launch games and look at PS1 middle or late generation games. A Big difference in design, size, complexity, graphics and so on.

Look at PS2 launch games and look at PS2 middle or late generation games. A Huge difference in design, size, complexity, graphics and so on.

Now look at PS3 launch games and look at what we are starting to see now. a GIGANTIC difference in design, size, complexity, graphics and so on.

I remember reading an article about an interview with Ted Price, it was b4 the PS3 came out and it was about developing on the PS3 and the potential he saw. He said just think of the difference in early PS2 games and late PS2 games...and multiply that by 5 or 10. Yes, he was serious, he said at the time he could not imagine how big a difference we will see in 2,3, or 4 years...but he did say that we would hardly recognize it as a game coming from the same system.

Well once again...the gaming media is realizing that Sony has yet again made a machine that has constant and yearly improvement in games and once again the competition has been maxed out too early because of a simple to code for design.

Props to Sony and Ken Kutaragi for having the vision and foresight to give us the beast that is the PS3.

And believe it or not...KZ2 will look nothing more than average in 2 years on the PS3. gen DOES begin when Sony says so.

Not as much of a pompous statement now is it pro 360 gaming media?

When the PS4 releases...we will HOPEFULLY go thru the same BS as we have with the first 3 Playstations where gaming media and many people FORGET about the early games on previous Playstations. And 2 or 3 years after the PS4 launches...we will see what she can really do.


doG_beLIEfs3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

If you give me a disagree fine, but it won't make the PS3 magically devolve to be on par with the 360 and I and the millions of other PS3 owners will still be getting 1st party games that anhilate the 360's best 1st party or 3rd party of exclu$ive games.


_Q_3551d ago

Im surprised I have received my automatic disagrees yet just for having a KZ2 avatar. lol Sheep!

doG_beLIEfs3551d ago

Blu-ray is not needed, DVD is big enough.
Cell is not that powerful.
RSX is a crappy graphics chip that was shoehorned in at the last minute.
Its too hard to code for.
Sony does not care about games...they only care about winning the HD War.

Oh man, LMFAO on those.

Yeah, they make as much sense now as the Republican party does.

Brodiesan3551d ago

Maybe the disagree was because of the recent news that the PS4 will most likely use (an updated version of) the Cell architecture?

i.e. perhaps the PS4 won't be as difficult to program for due to the leverage the developers can use from their PS3 days?

I've also learned that there are people on this site that will auto-disagree with you if you are in ANYWAY (biased or not) supportive of one console over another.

It's like it's ingrained into their psyche or something.
"Woah, hang on. Someone just said something postitive about a console I don't own/like/have ever played or intend on playing!"

*immediately down votes*

It's sad really. I agree with people who "make sense" - irrespective of their console allegiances. I disagree with rabid fanboys (of ALL camps) when they spout inane nonsense.

I recommend that the anti-Sony/MS/Whatever people out there try it.

Kyur4ThePain3551d ago

I'm starting to like the way you talk.
Have a bubble.

Pennywise3551d ago

The disagrees are coming from all the people NOT talking because they have been killzoned. MS had a lot of people fooled for a while. True colors always come out eventually!

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decapitator3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Full potential ? A systems full potential is never fully recognized until it has hit its late years. The system is still relatively young.

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