70° to Offer Halo Wars Limited Edition for $67.99 (Reg. $79.99) writes:

" has just notified us that they will be offering Halo Wars Limited Edition for a low $67.99 ($79.99 list) starting Monday, March 2, 2009.

Right now, you can order the Halo Wars Regular Edition for $52.99 (save $7).

In addition to including the standard retail version of Halo Wars, this Collector's Edition includes the following goodies..."

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Ldubbz3551d ago

Too many games...not enough thumbs...

000000000000000000013551d ago

My experiences with is that they are a little slow getting orders out. If your just looking to save a couple bucks and don't care when it arrives, then go for it!

Ice2ms3551d ago

Gamestop here in Ireland are selling the limited edition for the same price as the normal . 60 EURO

Rims3551d ago

Before it even came out

BigKev453551d ago

I'll pass. I have SF IV & today I pick up Killzone 2.