Muramasa: The Demon Blade - New screenshots and artwork

Vanillaware published some stunning screenshots and artwork from Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Check them out.

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Chris3993554d ago

It's pretty phenomenal how they've animated everything - especially the backgrounds.

And the slow-down that I noticed in earlier builds (and in Odin Sphere), seems to be gone now.

Day one purchase. This and Arc Rise Fantasia. Marvelous Interactive is turning into a decent little JRPG publisher/ producer.

Smacktard3554d ago

Game looks amazing. Day one buy for me.

lordgodalming3554d ago

Agreed. I'll eat my hat if this wasn't made by the same dev team--or even the same engine--as Odin Sphere. Wish I had a Wii for it.

Product3554d ago

This game is just ridiculous in its art.I would rather have games that look like this then in 3D...i mean look how beautiful that is.

Smacktard3554d ago

I totally agree. The art direction of this game is so amazingly beautiful.

PS360WII3554d ago

Yes this game does look very good I do enjoy the art direction

ChickeyCantor3554d ago

AAAAND this is why i love 2D over 3D. Cause it can become this awesome.

Wished devs would do more 2D as full retail games.
Its in my eyes really worth it.

Product3554d ago

agreed i have no clue why more 2d games of this calibre are not being made for atleast the Wii.

Imagine a new Contra like this or any other beloved old school franchise that has yet to be made in years.

Imagine a new platforming Mario like this,no New Super Mario Bros doesnt count,although a great game.

Substance3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

..I thought the controls could have been a little tighter. This game looks rediculously good. This game and Madworld are the only games I've looked forward to on the Wii in years, sadly.

N4g_null3553d ago

No TvsC or monster hunter all from capcom? Your not curious about conduit? Hmmmm There is more coming believe me! Once motion+ comes out you will see a lot more games appearing out of no where. Every one is saying nothing right now and announcing as soon as they have product.

Substance3553d ago

I didn't know they were bringing anything out anytime soon? I don't do FPS, so the conduit is a no-no. I haven't bought a Wii game since Zack and Wiki and I liked that game.

Being a triple console owner, I always seem to leave my Wii in the corner collecting dust. So many games on the other 2 systems.

With that being said though, Madworld looks very awesome and so does Muramasa. Games that are graphically not clones of Gamecube games.

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The story is too old to be commented.