Gaming on a netbook: Yes we can

The Tech Report writes: "I know what you're thinking: we've all seen the Intel GMA 950 benchmarks. We've all watched the proof-of-concept YouTube videos showing Half-Life 2 or World of Warcraft running at a dozen frames per second while some guy tells you it's "perfectly playable." That's not what I'm interested in. I don't care if some dork can dig through configuration files and console commands to force a game to launch, because after you've died for the seventh time due to slideshow performance, you're just not having any fun. No, I wanted to find games that were entertaining and actually ran well on a netbook.

For gamers, netbooks present some unique challenges compared to their full-sized brethren. Not only are you limited by the lackluster integrated graphics and energy-conscious Atom CPU, but the display resolution and input mechanisms create new hurdles.1024x600 doesn't leave enough vertical space for most new games, though some still find ways to fit. The keyboard and trackpad are often much smaller than on a regular laptop, which makes twitch reactions or precise movements difficult to pull off. The trick to gaming on a netbook is to find titles that play to the strengths (or at least fit within the constraints) of the platform. Believe it or not, you're not just limited to Solitaire."

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