IncGamers: Updated Download: The Last Remnant Demo

IncGamers is hosting the updated version of The Last Remnant demo. Although the demo first appeared two days ago, Square Enix pulled it from the internet.

This is the most recent and updated demo with Square Enix's blessing.

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Dorjan3430d ago

why was the old one pulled?

Leord3430d ago

I think it's less "pulled" and more "updated"...

Maticus3430d ago

Good question, anyone know?

Fyzzu3430d ago

Not sure, I got a hold of the old one but it didn't actually work for reasons I never found out. Maybe bug fixes or optimisation?

Fyzzu3430d ago

Ooh nice. I've been looking forward to trying this out. Big Squenix fan, but the framerate issues I heard about on the 360 put me off.

thetamer3430d ago

It put you off? I presume if it were on the PS3 you'd be alright with it though, yeah?

Leord3430d ago

Hehe, console hypocrites =D

Fyzzu3430d ago

If it were on PS3 I'd have to wait another few years for it because Squenix would still be trying to get it working :)

Cogo3430d ago

So, what IS the framerate then. I can really go ahead with 20+ and not feel any detrimental effects, personally.

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Maticus3430d ago

That's great news, thankyou IncGamers.

Leord3430d ago

Oooh. I didn't read, there was a demo there as well!

Leord3430d ago

Enix really only used to publish ACE games. Anyone know if this seems good or not?

foo3430d ago

is there still a ps3 version in development?

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