GTA IV: The Lost and Damned - Full Monty

Todd Hargosh of GiN writes:


In the eleven years plus that I have written for this site, I know I've said five words more than anything else. Rockstar has gone too far.

It just seems that every time Rockstar does something that shocks me and I feel that they have gone way too far and can't do anything more shocking, it happens again.

Look at what we went through before. Of course we start off with the GTA series, and each game gets more and more shocking than the last. After all look at San Andreas. Until then the series never used the F-bomb, and that game rivals a movie like Scarface for most uses of the F-bomb. But even that is not the most controversial element found. It was the Hot Coffee minigame that caused the game to not only receive an AO rating but to be pulled from store shelves. Eventually the game was re-released with Hot Coffee removed and retained its original M rating, but the damage was done."

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RadientFlux3581d ago

oh my god you saw man naked in a video game,

now it's time to worry if you are gay just because you saw some polygons that look like some man's junk, forgetting the fact if you ever played a 3rd person game most likely have stared at muscle armed man for hours... which is total not gay... nope ;)

ExXxilE3581d ago

staring at a muscle armed man in 3rd person for hours on end is not gay AT ALL...

I think that people need to grow up and realize that it is just a video game and if they don't like it they can go play sonic or Mario...