WoW: Ulduar Testing Schedule Announced

Blizzard has released dates and times for player testing of the massive upcoming World of Warcraft raid instance, Ulduar.

A new method of testing content was disclosed by Blizzard recently, that some parts of the raid will be tried out by European players and other parts by American players. Some encounters will not be revealed at all until the patch arrives on live servers, meaning that all testers should get to see new content when they enter the raid in the live game.

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Leord3525d ago

Oh, man I have been waiting for this since I played Uldaman AAAGES ago. So many memories...

Maticus3525d ago

Yeah, and what a huge difference in the game since then!

Maticus3525d ago

It looks simply stunning, can't wait to get in there with my guild.

Leord3525d ago

Yeah, that's really awesome.

Actually, I think I'd have preferred it to be a 5-man dungeon. I have more and more come to like the more intimate feeling of smaller dungeons...

Montrealien3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

I`m actually a huge fan of the 10 man content, we got a pretty tight crew and we are very exsited to jump into Uldar.

But for 5 man... Uldaman heroic? hell yeah! I want old instances in 5 man heroic! now!

Dorjan3525d ago

New raids! This patch is omg huge!

Maticus3525d ago

I really don't know the last time Blizzard put this much work into a patch. Awesome :D

Leord3525d ago

Yeah, well, besides being the slowest patch ever, it's also - unsurprisingly - the biggest!

Montrealien3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, Naxx, Sunwell and the Black Temple where all patched in raid content that Blizz teased us with for a while and worked hard on, imho.

Leord3525d ago

Well, don't just sit about! MAKE one!

dachiefsman3525d ago

yea I am on US blackhand realm right now in a guild who can only clear the spider wing. I am with yea, but I will probably have to transfer since most of the guilds on Blackhand are psycho.

Fyzzu3525d ago

As long as it's more fun than Uldaman. That ranks up there with Gnomeregan in terms of instances I just don't ever want to do again. Neat way of doing the testing, though!

Maticus3525d ago

Yeah it's pretty bad, I generally don't like non-linear dungeons anyway.

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