SSF2THDR Lead Designer Clarifies Street Fighter IV Comments

David Sirlin, lead designer on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, responded to an IncGamers request for comment regarding his recent Street Fighter IV posts - which caused more than a little controversy.

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Leord3579d ago

Hehe, I love the original comment. Clarification is usually less fun =P

Jinxstar3579d ago

I hated the first article they posted here.

I was really pretty livid myself at most of the people commenting on the first post. Nobody even tried looking into it. Just accusing Sirlin of being a hater without any knowledge of who he is or what he's done or what his full comments were.

Incgamers took him out of context and made him into a bad guy. Go to his site to learn more and educate yourself. He's got a lot of good articles and it was a good read.

thetamer3579d ago

It's nice to know that he's not slating hte game. It's an interesting place to be in though. I'm sure he's had some influence on the final SF4 product.

Leord3579d ago

Yeah, well, would be a bit weird he'd do that in his position xD

Maticus3579d ago

Good to have that clarified, things get blown waaay out of proportion sometimes...

Dorjan3579d ago

Glad he cleared that up! You need to be careful what you say...

Fyzzu3579d ago

It's nice to hear the other side of the story. The guy seems to know what he's talking about; I think it's just his prominence that led to this outcry.

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The story is too old to be commented.