Metal Gear Touch Trailer Looks Terrible

PSP World Writes:

"Looking like the bastard love-child from a clunky mobile phone game and a light gun arcade shooter from the 1990s, this MGS4 spinoff does not tug at our fanboy heartstrings one iota. In fact, we would wager that Kojima's other two red-headed stepchildren Metal Gear Ac!d 1 & 2 contain more original gameplay ideas in their first levels than this title does in its entirety. Better luck next time, iPhone."

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clinker3555d ago

Compared to how good Portable Ops was in terms of gameplay and complexity, this looks like an online flash game.

Elven63554d ago

Because it is a online flash game that was ported over, I think it's available on the MGS 4 site?

Fishy Fingers3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

Well I wouldn't expect any praise for an iphone game from a PSP site. Personally, I'm a little disappointed by the game, I was hoping for something more "MGS", but I'll probably have another look close to release, hopefully they'll release a demo or "lite" version we can try first.

PS360WII3555d ago

"Well I wouldn't expect any praise for an iphone game from a PSP site"

lol yup pretty much. I think it looks great for the iPhone. Now we just need to see if it plays well. We know the story already as it's just MGS4 iPhone style we just have to see if it'll be fun in the sun. So far the gameplay looks good enough I don't see the big problem with it but hey I enjoy games and don't care what system/handheld it comes out on ;)

jfx3163555d ago

I know that if I had a 360 and had been begging of a port of MGS4 and saw that trailer, I'd be pissed. I'm hoping that the end product looks alot better then that.

clinker3555d ago

It looks like the only gameplay involves tapping the screen to shoot at pre-rendered enemies.

Zeus Lee3555d ago

It's an iPhone game,who honestly expected it to look amazing?

Theoneneo813554d ago

if you think iphone games are disapointing look at Monkeyball or Sim City or monoply they look great granted the iphone programs are still in there infancy im sure in about a year for now iphone games will look alot better.

Socomer 19793555d ago

i bought my brother the last mgs psp game and he is enjoying it.
i dont really see a problem with getting this game for my iphone even if it is simple. its about the price of which im unsure of.

speaking of psp games, there is a demo of resistance retribution at the uk store. i gotta check it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.