GD: NHL 3 on 3 Arcade Review

GD writes: "It's hard to recommend a game, even when it costs a meagre 10 dollars, when what you're paying for essentially boils down to what you'd expect from a demo or what you would have found in a 2K sports game nearly a decade ago after entering a 'big-head' cheat and boosting the gameplay speed up to max. What's here is great, but sadly what isn't is what this game will be measured on.

The gameplay is fast and enjoyable, but the features and modes included just aren't enough to keep even the most die-hard hockey fans entertained past an hour or two which irks me in just the right way as any hockey fan surely realizes the potential behind the concept of 3 on 3. I'll leave this game installed on my harddrive for the occasional time that I return home far too intoxicated to grasp NHL 09's complexity, and I'll leave this review with a parting shot at the "new face of the NHL";

This game plays like Sidney Crosby, all flash and no heart."

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