Flower: The $10 Game That Made Me Buy a $400 PlayStation

Slate writes: "Last week, when the hard-core gamers of the world were supposed to be firing up the Lost and Damned, a new, downloadable episode of Grand Theft Auto IV, I instead decided to spend more than $400 for the privilege of playing a $10 game. I bought a PlayStation 3-a system I had consciously avoided to date in favor of the Xbox 360 and the Wii-so that I could download Flower, a little marvel of a game that casts the player as a series of petals floating in the wind.

What's remarkable about Flower is the sensation it creates, from start to finish: simple, almost indescribable, joy."

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deathray3575d ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this game. It's a nice diversion. The review is dead on.

DTClown3575d ago

Now go enjoy your PS3 grasshopper.