GameStop to Host Halo Wars Midnight Launch Events Nationwide

GameStop today announced that it will host midnight launch events for Microsoft's Halo Wars at more than 2,000 stores nationwide. Starting at 10 p.m. on Monday, March 2, 2009, customers can visit their local GameStop and get in line to be the first to get their hands on the newest Halo game.

Fans will have the opportunity to bring out their inner Warthog by participating in one or more of the following events:

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pwnsause3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

oh, so the fanboy store favored the disappointing game?

Now how many people are going to be dissapointed when they find out that this game is an RTS and not an FPS?

HDDVD183551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

it is just ms publicity stunt
HW was killzoned way before its release

hw will be a major disappointment in sales just like reviews

Foxgod3551d ago

only ps3 users are stupid enough to buy a game thinking it would be a shooter.

pwnsause3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

uh oh, here comes the fox god, the ultimate defender of the M$ camp HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAH why dont you watch the Halo Wars commercial before you talk.

"you have to be living under a rock not to know what halo wars is."

really? ask my freinds in college. ask someone on the street HAHAHAHAHAH

quit defending Microshaft

Foxgod3551d ago

dont have to, you have to be living under a rock not to know what halo wars is.

Ps3 fans live under a rock, their ps3 has the size of a big rock after all.

TheMART3551d ago

Why do you worry about a gamestore just having a night opening for a game which finally isn't another shooter (KZ2) were there are many from.

The first special made RTS for an console. Furthermore, does this hurt you personally? Your posts make you a weak gamer.

Everyone that buys Halo Wars knows exactly what it is. Will be funny to see an RTS like Halo Wars outsell the most expensive PS3 FPS project ever.

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Capt CHAOS3551d ago

I didn't think it was a big enough of a game to warrant a midnight launch..


Bathyj3551d ago

Its not. But its got Halo in its name.

It might very well be a good game, but when do with ever get midnight launches for a RTS.

JOLLY13551d ago

you sure are upset that this game has a nationwide midnight launch. Why so sad?

Godmars2903551d ago

When MS's paying for it of course.

Just have to question weather or not weather or not they'll manage to embarrass Sony with the move, be able to report they sold more copies of their game day-one, of if Gamespot gets embarrassed by selling less.

Its a technical win-win scenario for them.

Tony P3551d ago

Pretty doubtful of the whole thing. I still think not too many console gamers know or care that Ensemble can make a great RTS.

Hope they do well though.

pumpkinpunker3551d ago

no, it's pre-orders, guys. tons of people are stoked about this game they just don't troll N4G trying to over-hype it.

xwabbit3551d ago

lol pumpkinpunker, Game stop had over 1 mil reserved for kz2 and they didn't do a midnight release nation wide. I never even saw adds on gamestop about that game lol. In the 4 gamestops i have gone, the wii and the xbox are working. In the PS3 section they don't even have 1 for playing. You see the tv and the space for where its suppose 2 be the PS3 and it isnt. pumpkinpunker have u seen the reviews of this game ?

3551d ago
Sez 3551d ago

"So many haters over here... hummm, they seem jealous"

nah.. more like they are scared HW will outsell KZ2. they know that HALO has a bigger following that KZ2 and many of their other games. and maybe. just maybe people are looking foward to playing this game.

The Matrix3551d ago

I'm a PS3 and 360 user and I'm more excited about Halo Wars. Anyways...

I called my gamestop (it's on the midnight launch and tournament list) and they said that they will NOT be having a tournament and they weren't sure about a midnight launch.

So much for individual stores following the rules...

WildArmed3551d ago

Imma PS360wii owner, and im more stoked about Killzone 2.
I played the crap out of the halo wars demo, somehow it doesnt seem as appealing anymore O_O
(not much of RTS person anywayz)
Bring on the helghast! I need to shoot something!

nycredude3551d ago

Make that 1,000,000 preorders - 2. I preordered 2 copies of Killzone 2 from gamestop for my brother and I but I just can't stand that gamestop didn't have a poster, midnight launch or at least try to advertise so I went out found my local mom and pop in nyc and bought it from them last night! F*&k gamestop. btw Killzone 2 is on point! The MP is crazy!

jammy_703551d ago

its had a 6 and a 6.5...

Doppy3551d ago

I'm telling you it's uneducated gamers. Some people are getting it for more Halo story (acceptable), some for RTS (acceptable), some just because it's Halo (acceptable), some because it's supposedly Ensembles last game (slightly acceptable). But some uneducated gamers think it's a FPS or TPS, and not a RTS. I don't know how many people I've heard say did you see that Halo Wars commercial it look [email protected]$$, and I have to intervene and say that's only the cutscencs, and it's not s shooter it's an RTS, and to my surprise the stupidly reply with a confused what.

I really want to see what happens after this game launches. I expect it to sell 3 - 4 million, and about a week later I expect 2 - 3 million people will have traded it in or tried to take it back.

soxfan20053551d ago

That's why MS released a demo a month ago - to educate gamers. If MS was trying to sell Halo Wars on the Halo name alone, they would not have released a demo for anyone to try.

Bathyj3551d ago

Why would I be upset? I'll buy the game if I like it. It sounds good and I never said a bad thing against the game. I like a dumbed down RTS cos I'm not into all that micro management in the PC games.

I'm saying, if it was Age of Empires 3 or any other RTS, even the Total War series which is the pinacle of the genre, then theres no way it would be getting a midnight launch. Its simply because of the Halo name, and it will probably go on to sell very well, especially for a strategy game, and I'll be proven right.

Sorry I took so long to answer, I've been playing Killzone, but I'm back at work now.

Doppy3551d ago

There are over 28 million 360 sold, and how many Xbox Live accounts? if I'm correct it's around 20 million so that's at least 8 million people who don't know any better.

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forcefullpower3551d ago

This is nothing more than a MS PR stunt to avert attention from Killzone 2.

Halo Wars is not that popular for a midnight launch

II Necroplasm II3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I don't think any RTS game would take attention from Killzone 2, also Halo Wars being on the 360 and not PS3

My issue with Killzone 2 and gamestop is why can't they have both console exclusive games launch at midnight. Maybe they can't by their book..
but their stupid anyhow.

kwicksandz3551d ago

A little game like starcraft 2 will be more than deserving of a midnight launch. And ill bet the farm it will outsell Killzone 2 and halo wars as well.

Godmars2903551d ago

Haven't exactly been hearing good things about SC2 since Blizzard announced that it was a "trilogy." Not that its going to stop it from selling like bottled orgasms.

Still, unless what's left of Ensemble plans to put out Covenant and Flood campaigns, make a PC version, I don't see the game coming anywhere near the other in ability.

Crazywhitie3551d ago

anything with Halo in the title will be big. there was only 6 people at the Gamestop Midnight Launch for Killzone 2 you think they should have stayed open???

forcefullpower3551d ago

I have mates that just have 360's and they buying purley because there are no other games they want to buy. Got F all to do with actually wanting the game.

And if there where only 6 people for killzone 2 there probably be only 2 for halo wars

Ko_Uraki3551d ago

We don't know, maybe the preorders are good enough for a midnight launch. According to Amazon (US) and (UK), the game is selling very well.

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