WhatIfGaming Killzone 2 Review: Beautiful, Enticing, Awe-Inspiring, Missing Perfection.

WhatIfGaming writes: After being displayed as a beautiful and ultimately controversial computer generated trailer at E3 2005 in the eyes of developer Guerrilla Games, Killzone 2 gave any true gamer the impression that it had the potential to be one of the best first person shooters on any console ever, even if most thought just in the graphical department alone.

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RandalCG3459d ago

REALLY good review. Thanks

jammy_703459d ago

on gamesstats there are 19!!! 10/10 for killzone 2!!!

on metacritic.... there are 10 10/10.... whats wrong here lol..

Foxgod3459d ago

Meta only tracks reviewers with a good reputation, N4G simply adds all reviewers, reputable or not.

Makroyale3459d ago

Just got it about 6 hours ago, stuck to MP for now... When people say this game has good graphics... They aren't lying...

Gun_Senshi3459d ago (Edited 3459d ago )

*Points and Laughs are you people*

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WildArmed3459d ago

hey an unbiased review, who woulda thunk it/

No numbers = the best review.
Numbers make the author seem... biased (even though they arent 99% of the times)

Bebedora3459d ago

Yeah. A 'Worth buying' kind of grading scheme would be more apropriate

Ashton3459d ago

Awesome.only 10 more hours to go

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3459d ago

10/10!!! ;-P (F-The internet)
Main game is AMAZING!!! ;-P
On-line was AMAZING!!! ;-P (I'm CR*P tho!!!!) ;-D
+I did not have 1 problem on-line to, which was cool;)

The game makes you want to jump into your T.V!!! ;-D
It looks that good!!!
+ The Level with Sandstorms/Wind(On-line/or with Bots)is AMAZING!!! ;-P
Not tried all of them yet tho.


goflyakite3459d ago


I love that line.

BLUR1113459d ago

I thought it was a bit gay

goflyakite3456d ago

I think you're a bit gay.

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