Team Talk: The Lowdown on the Download

TeamXbox writes: "Last October, I wrote a "Team Talk" subtitled "You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Drive," which delved into my prediction that those with 20GB hard drives on their Xbox 360 consoles (as was my dilemma then) were going to find themselves in desperate need of more "gigs." I've since upgraded to the 120GB drive, and for now it's taking care of business-but I can see a day when it might not cut it.

As I said, there's no doubt I'm a bit of a packrat when it comes to my HD contents. Why should I delete the game saves for Kameo, Tony Hawk's American Wasteland and Need for Speed Most Wanted to make room for something? What if I need to go back and play one of them again? What if their publishers suddenly bring out some DLC (which stands for "downloadable content," if you didn't already know) for these now-ancient titles and I need to write an impressions piece? "

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