Microsoft Offers Glimpse Of Tech Future

Microsoft Corp. showed off a sound system at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters that confines music to a single spot in a room -- and no one else can hear it.

The software prototype, dubbed Personal Audio Space, processes digital music and plays it through speakers in such a way that sound waves cancel each other out everywhere except where you want them focused, Someone even a few paces away from the designated sound field cannot hear the music.

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FeralPhoenix4276d ago

My first thought was sounds cool but why not just use headphones?....but either way I don't think this is meant neccessarily to replace headphones, more of just a extra convenience feature I guess...I'm interested to see exactly how this works.

Balance4276d ago

wow sounds kinda cool. the thing with headphones is ( i wear them all the time playing pc games) that you can't hear any one if they are yelling for you, it would be cool to be able to crank up the tv or pc volume and not bother the entire house but not be unavailable to any other sounds.

TheExodus4275d ago

This sounds like it would be perfect for all those 20-somethings unfortunate enough to find themselves partying in the midst of cranky 50-somethings. But what are the police going to do if they're not answering all of those "disturbing the peace" calls on Friday & Saturday nights?

XerockX4275d ago

that is absolutely friggin' awesome!

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