$100 PS3 Price Drop By May

Chinese Website is reporting that Sony is indeed planing a $100 price drop that is set to happen in April or May at the latest.

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PoSTedUP3554d ago

$100 price cut + sony saying that this year will be their most aggressive year for marketing in their history. along with KZ2, uncharted2 etc.


anh_duong3554d ago

2This contradicts reports earlier in the week that stated the price drop would happen within the next few days." - gamefront

Did state that a price cut should have happened a few days ago? If they did then it looks like they do not have a track record.

deeznuts3553d ago

At $299 shoot I might buy another one. One for the fam room and one for the bedroom. 360 will stay in the family room. My Wii will stay in the drawer where it's been.

ps3d03553d ago

this is from china so I'd assume the the price drop they are talking about is for china sony has said there will be no price drop soon in the states

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omodis4203554d ago

Good news for all those 360 owners that will be drooling of Killzone 2.

Simon_Brezhnev3554d ago

hopefully more people pick it up

oriol0033554d ago

still gonna be the most expensive console.

bassturd3554d ago should be the most expensive considering everything you get. Then free online ontop of that.

ps3d03553d ago

why would anyone be drooling over a generic shooter like KZ2. Not likee there isnt enough of them on all systems

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Kyur4ThePain3554d ago

Only haters won't.

Meant as a reply to 2.1

XLiveGamer3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

I am not getting a KZ2 copy and i am not a hater. There's only a few games that i am interested on PS3. And Kz2 its not one of them... to tell you the truth there's only like ... 2 games that maybe i get them. 1 its GTurismo5 2. I still don't have a clue but surely an id's games title (whispers)Doom 4... uhhhh i have a Gaming PC with the i7 Extreme WHAT THE HELL im thinking ! so i am going to be ok for that Doom 5 experience with my PC. Well the reality is that i am buying it for the Blu-Ray.

Yup i am just buying it for the Blu-Ray player.

There is no way i am buying multiplatform games for PS3 and i really enjoy my online experience on Xbox Live and PC.

omodis4203554d ago

You are hating just by bringing up the fact of Killzone 2. Get over yourself dude. Join the dark side :)

Sarcasm3554d ago

With someone with the screenname "XLiveGamer" you aren't fooling anyone.

y0haN3554d ago

Yeah cause screen names mean anything at n4g

/Your Name

evrfighter3554d ago

same I'm waiting for it to hit $250 as well since I just bought a 40" hdtv. I really hate pubbing shooters and kz2 is no exception. If there were competitive leagues for it. I'd probably be more excited about getting it sooner.

seriously, competitive leagues take an fps to a whole different level of online gaming. That's when the adrenaline really starts flowing.

Major_Tom3554d ago

Your account is only a couple days old and you're probably just trolling anyway.

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omodis4203554d ago

And people without jobs.

pwnsause3554d ago

im time for E3 in June.

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The story is too old to be commented.