Will Killzone 2 Put PlayStation Back In The Fight

A lot is riding on today's launch of the highly anticipated shooter Killzone 2, a title that has been whetting gamers' appetites since 2005. Sony hopes the exclusive PS3 title will ignites a blockbuster slate of games for the coming year, enough to put the third-place console back into the fight.

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-EvoAnubis-3579d ago

What makes these peons think it ever left?

legendkilla3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

you guys better be ready for a savage killing tomorrow! i will be owning all!!!!!!!!!

psn Sean_Ryan

@ the old phantom disagreeer- throw up your psn name on here so i can peel back your cap!!!! maxed out in the beta 2500 points baby... ya feel it

jammy_703579d ago

for the time its been on the market its WINNING and this game is just a biiiiiggg bonus for playstation 3 and its gamers..

IdleLeeSiuLung3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I hate to sound like a MS fanboy, but last night I went to Walmart 24-hour to pick up a copy of KZ2. On my way, I passed by a GameStop, which was closed around 00:30-00:45. I arrived at the store, bought my KZ2 copy and asked the clerk "This must have been a crazy night with KZ2 released?" in which he responded "actually, you are the second guy to pick up a copy today"....

Today, I went to pick up another copy at another Walmart in the area, they couldn't find their copies, but should have five. That is five copies of a game hyped as KZ2. I'm not saying it didn't sell well, because we know it did according to Sony's utterance on the pre-order stats, but it sure didn't seem like as crazy as MGS4.

Couple this with the reports of low pre-orders and no midnight openings at GS, I suspect sales won't be as rosy as hoped.

By the way, I live in a fairly affluent neighborhood and we aren't very as affected by the recession. Sales here are generally rosy and business are expanding as opposed to 20-30 miles away from us.

I go where the games are, and I don't care if it is on the Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3. I love all my 3 consoles, but the Wii the least.

-EvoAnubis-3577d ago

I could tell you the name, but won't as it's a friend.

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omodis4203579d ago

Killzone 2 may be a great game but lets all settle down until we see some NPD results.

jessupj3579d ago

Because the US is the only country in the world.

But personally even though Killzone 2 is looking like the best game of 2009 I don't see this boosting ps3 sales much. I mean I want too, I hope I'm wrong. Rightfully we should see a huge boost, but i've lost faith is the stupid masses. We didn't see a boost for motorstorm, lbp or res2 and I have no idea why. It pisses me off when I still see wii fit seling so much. So I can only conclude killzone 2 will be another amazing game that sheep will ignore for the most part. I really hope I'm wrong.

titntin3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I really couldn't care less what americans are buying and you offer this mantra as if only americans count.

The fact is, there are 21 million PS3 owners and a significant portion of them will buy this game and have a great time with it. Mine turned up yesterday, and whilst its too early for me to call it the best FPS, its not too early for me to say its the most technically accomplished next gen game released so far, and a clear technical cut above the rest of this gens offerings.

As for 'winning a fight' - the only fight is in the heads of single palatform holders, the kind of frothing trolls that blight these pages. No one is gonna be knocked out - the 360 has a large and loyal customer base, the PS3 has sold excellently despite all the gloom stories that would have you believe otherwise, and nintendo has a whole new market almost to itself. Neither platform is going anywhere.

I do believe that some 360 owners who were looking for an excuse to pick up a PS3 may just have found it in this excellent title, but their numbers won't be hugely significant.
To them, welcome to the world of having the best of everything. True gamers buy games on any platform. I was playing Halo Wars yesterday, and will be playing Killzone 2 today. Which company ultimately wins bragging rights for all their teen loyalists is of no concern to me, as long as they both exist and continue to make great games, why on earth should I care?

Timberland2K93579d ago

Your Such a supid fanboy

Unless you mean PS3 never left the fight

Zeus Lee3579d ago

I can't wait to see how it performs,especially since the official Ad was-in MY opinion-garbage.

Anyways,I'm going to be playing it on Saturday(PixelJunk Friday),I already know the gameplay is kickass-balls-out-awesome,and thanks to lord_of_balrogs alternate account;I already know how the singleplayer ends(Though to be completely honest,I was never interested in the game for its story).So I'm going to jump straight into Multiplayer!

Sevir043579d ago

The ps3 was never out of the fight to begin with so this article fails, i can say that this game is a very important property for sony and it will do the ps3 good, but really it will just make people say wow thats on the PS3. Not bad.

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