The Agency - In Studio Interview Part 4

The Agency HQ is pleased to continue it's weekly interview series with developers Hal Milton, Lorien Gremore, Steve Kramer, Chad Haley, and Corey Dangel.

JonnyG: Is the game world large enough to keep explorers satisfied?

Hal: That's one of the cool things about the investment we made in our tile editor. The speed that we can put these things out is incredible. I reviewed two areas that were started just a couple of weeks ago. That's not including the final art pass and beautification pass, but we're very exciting.

I'm not saying as large as all of Norrath, as in end to end explorable. But even one of our smaller zones takes a few minutes to do a straight run across. If you start investigating every nook and cranny you can be in there for a few hours......

And continue to check back weekly as we continue to share intel.

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