Splinter Cell Conviction to Have Deeper Game play Than Metal Gear Solid 4?

HyDRo1X Writes "The Splinter Cell franchise has made millions and the installment is set to change dramatically but fortunately in a good way. Splinter Cell Conviction is said to have a deep fighting system, tons of enemies on screen, run and gun action, and an extreme physics based engine that's going to allegedly take it a step above that of what you'd see in Metal Gear (Series)."

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sonarus3550d ago

The real question is does splinter cell conviction still exist

George Sears3550d ago

If you close your eyes and use your imagination, then maybe.

TheHater3550d ago

Didn't Ubisoft scrap the game after MGS4 was release and started from ground up? I remember reading about that

Doppy3550d ago

It should. It's coming out a year later, and I don't mean this in a bad way. But MGS4 set the standard now developers should be trying to 1up them, until MGS5 comes out to once again reclaim it's throne.

IzKyD13313550d ago

"HyDRo1X Writes"

I stopped reading after this.....

urban bohemian3550d ago

Bit unfair for a multiplatform series to suddenly become an exclusive!

---SLUG---3550d ago

why any page from that website has been posted on N4G. I'll throw out the reminder once more: **NEWS** 4 Gamers

Willio3550d ago

"The debate went on about what game was better while it seems lenient that people preferred Splinter Cell."

How is this news?

I fell victim and went directly to the source and i feel miserable beyond any description to generate a hit to that poorly written subjective article as news while i keep talking with run on sentences without commas and periods.

Don't support a blog who cant even proofread their own material.

Sarcasm3550d ago

""HyDRo1X Writes"

I stopped reading after this....."

LOL same here

sonysuks3550d ago

Yes urban, this game is diffently going to be the shiz.
and a xbox 360 exclusive


@urban bohemian

Actually, according to MadCatz official accessories site, it's still multiplatform.

And it's probably not just an error as other 360 only games have only 360 tags, while Assassin's Creed page has multiple tags, so does Splinter Cell Conviction's page, althrough the only accessory there now is a faceplate for the 360 (as was for Assassin's Creed).

WildArmed3550d ago

Real sad way to get hits >_>

i didnt even bother after i read
'HyDRo1X Writes'

People dont get what NEWS is anymore >_>
Maybe i'll send him a dictionary for christmas

kwicksandz3549d ago

TBH people dont play mgs4 for deep gameplay, they do it for crazy acting and over the top cutscenes. the stealth elements in say chaos theory have always been more " in depth" than the mgs games of its era.

I dont think they will really grab a new audience pitching the game like that.

ps3d03549d ago

Its not hard to out do mgs4 in gameplay all it has to do is to actually have gameplay and it wins

SL1M DADDY3549d ago

There is not one single soul at Ubisoft that shares the same level of passion for a game as Hideo Kojima shares with the Metal Gear Series. Nobody.

As for the story of Conviction being deeper than MGS4... I will have to see it to believe it.

lalalala3549d ago

I honestly don't give a sh*t, just release the damn game already. Personally i have a feeling that this game is going to be announced multiplat, because it has been delayed too long, and on top of that Ubisoft's sales show that they make more money from PS3.

Le Idiotce3549d ago

Splinter cell to have deeper gameplay than

Splinter cell is merely a B title at best and thats being generous.

360 is really filled with left over franchises.

godofthunder103549d ago

you could tell they have a lot of ps3 fanboys in here because the sh#t is getting deep.If this was an article about a future ps3 game giveing a 360 game a run for it's money they would all agree with the article.Ps3 fanboys always agree with negative news about the 360 even when they know it's not true and disagree with positive news when they know it's true.They also agree with every positive news about the ps3 even when they know it's not true and disagree with every negative news about the ps3 even when they know it's true.

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Aquanox3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

HipHopGamer "journalism"

Dude A: What sensationalist title do you think will attract most clicks from fanboys?
Dude B: Easy, just something that bashes or questions some of the flagship titles or aspects of the console.
Dude A: Don't you think it'd be a bit too much to put heavily loaded speculation as news?
Dude B: Who cares! Put a question mark in the title, or inside the article. The fishes will bite anyway.
Dude A: Yeah! Screw serious journalism! Speculation and misinformation is what sells these days!

Sad, very sad.

Le Idiotce3549d ago

I dont buy trash and I dont distinguish between where a product is made because that makes no sense whatsoever.

You think 360 is american product? Than why is it being made in China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand etc.


You think investing in 360 is helping America? Can you fking believe this people. Investing in a 360 has absolutely zero impact on the American economy, fool.

marinelife93549d ago

And the Chevy Colbot gets better gas mileage than the Benz SLR convertible.

Splinter Cell is still a Chevy.

theEnemy3549d ago

Wow, that's a wall of text that I do not mind not reading after 2 sentences!

WildArmed3549d ago


yes, we all are here to hear your hour long rant..

i stoped after 2 sentences..
I dont think people come here to read 3 paragraph long essays in the comment section >_>

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thebudgetgamer3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

is the biggest flame site on n4g?

will they ever have an insightful thought to bring to us?


and im sure splinter cell will be awesome just like the others

Up In Smoke3550d ago




Johnny Rotten3550d ago

The hiphopgamer show reminds me of Access Hollywood.

bassturd3550d ago


make up random headlines to get attention?

Bathyj3550d ago

Hell yeah.

Its like its ok you say absolutely anything they want for flamebait purposes as long as they pose it as a question.

dachiefsman3549d ago

I am tired of his submissions getting approved. His submissions consists of maybe 4 sentences with no substance or value.

creeping judas3549d ago

Id say more like TMZ, they are like the national Enquirer of celebrity news.

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BGDad3550d ago

I imagine this will have tons of glitches as well..

chaosatom3550d ago

You can Tweak Weapons in so many ways.
Use CQC moves.
Have freedom to engage enemy or not.

I'll be damed if it even comes close.

Covenant3550d ago

"Splinter Cell Conviction to Have Deeper Game play Than Metal Gear Solid 4?"

Good luck with that. Seriously. I'm not being ironic or sarcastic.

If it can top MGS4, it will be well worth the wait. That's a pretty high bar to top.

N4Garbage3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

MGS4's gameplay wasn't that great.

OctoCamo imo was cheesy.

The aiming was better but nothing revolutionary.

Other than the mission on the bike with Big Mama and the last fight with Liquid...

Where was the gameplay actually good?

Splinter Cell won't top choreography which MGS4 had on lock but then again Splinter Cell isn't science fiction.

Splinter Cell is a real SPY game which is why I love the series because it is unique and one of a kind.

bassturd3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


Octocamo is one of the kewlest things a main character has had in a videogame. I loved it...felt badass when I got the mask off of Laughing Octopus and then you could use it to disguise your face. Even more awesome!

and the gameplay was good all around. You list the motorcycle sequence as noteworthy? While kewl, that was probably the least exciting part of the entire game. You felt pretty much invincible during the whole sequence.

Lets see now...Metal Gear Ray vs Metal Gear Rex fight. Complete awesomeness. Every single boss fight, check...awesome. My favorite being Raging Raven probably. The fist fight with Ocelot ontop of the big ship, referencing back to the last fight in MGS1...awesome on so many levels.

Plus many many more. MGS4 got great reviews, yet it is still underrated in my eyes. It was jam packed full of memorable moments. Then, on top of the that, the core gameplay was incredibly fun. I have no idea how anyone could complain about it.

That being said, MGS3 is still the best of the series IMO. Kewl disagree tho, if you can't handle a rebutle than don't bother posting. Anyhow, ignore list you go....I can't take a person that dislikes MGS4 seriously if they claim to like videogames.

Snake Raiser3550d ago

Well the game play depends on if you suck at the game...

tippygip3550d ago


The problem with the Metal Gear vs Metal Gear and the final boss fight is that they both should have been a lot better. There's a definite appeal if you're a fan of MGS but if you're an outsider to the series you'd probably think they were both pretty crappy, the controls for both fights were bad and the final boss not only took too long but was ridiculously repetitive and simple. Don't even get me started on the beauties, which are all contenders for worst boss fight in the series.

Being on-topic now, I think Splinter Cell should have deeper gameplay, it was always that way last-gen and I don't see why things should be any different.

thewhoopimen3550d ago

Good luck to the conviction team trying to fit "deeper" gameplay, more physics, better graphics/sound, and story into a disc that's = or less than last generation... I certainly would like to see what that entails.

DARK WITNESS3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

well i enjoyed MGS4, didn't get round to playing 3, but i did play 2.

I can see valid reasons why some parts of the game would be disliked.

if you just compare it as a whole, it is one of the best games this gen, but people like different things, not everyone is always to like the same things as you.

I use to feel the same way about halo CE, i just could not understand all the haters but in the end i understand and respect that its not for everyone, while some people notice little details in a game, some people tend to just take note of the big picture and sometimes the two can be very different.

what i didn't like most i think was snake as a character, i have explained loads of times why, so i won't bore you all with it again.

but still if you are a 360 fan its one of the few games i tell all my friends that they must play it on the ps3 and its worth getting a ps3 for this game. strange enough, i actually loved the boss fight at the end and i think that was one of my favorite parts of the game.

the fight with the 4 beauties, psycho, rage and the rest was ok, but not nearly has hard as i thought they would be and that whole bedtime story that Drebin kept putting me to sleep with after each fight ( at first i found them funny, then just stupid )

my only wish would have been that we get to play as Raiden a bit.

As far as splinter cell goes, i have always liked them, but the first i thought was the best. i felt really let down with double agent. when i look at all the stuff they said it was going to do and what the final game did.. i was disappointed.

i really hope this one does pull off all the things they talked about. but ya, i always felt SC was more of a traditional spy game.

and for its time SC was by far one of the most impressive looking games.

Brodiesan3549d ago

"well i enjoyed MGS4, didn't get round to playing 3, but i did play 2."

Pick it up and play it on your PS3 (if you have a 60GB SKU) or crank out the old PS2 if you have to.

I picked up MGS3 for €4.99 (purely because I couldn't find it new anymore - obviously) and it was the best €4.99 I ever spent.

It's better than MGS2 in my opinion and I know some people who hold it above MGS4.

Seek it out if you can, you won't be disappointed - especially if you liked other MGS games.

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vmanj3550d ago

Ubisoft announced that they have been working on Conviction which will release b4 March of 2010 so tht gamez not completely out of my radar

just wait around ppl itll b shown at either GDC or E3....guaranteed