GameSpot: Tom Clancy's EndWar PC Review

EndWar's voice command mechanic makes it unique among strategy games, and it's this innovation that stands out above all of its other features. Strip it away, and you'll find an RTS game that can be fun but is ultimately too simple to stand out in a crowded genre. But even if strategy veterans won't find all the complexities they'd expect, there's something to be said for EndWar's smart match types and persistent campaign. Hopefully as its community grows, so too will the game's long-term possibilities.

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kwicksandz3575d ago

no one on n4g cares about pc games =(

steve30x3575d ago

That may be your opinion. I do care about PC games and a lot more than you think visit N4G care about PC games. Just because you dont care about PC games dont mean you are everybody that visits N4G

M337ING3575d ago

Correction: nobody who plays on PC cares about Endwar.

bumnut3575d ago

M337ING, you beat me to it!

awful game, its possible to complete mission on the 360 version without even trying! the game seems to play itself