Halo Wars: Expanded Universe trailer

It's lots of people talking about Halo in general, including everyone's favorite Halo person, Frank O'Connor.

What the Sam Hell are you waiting for?

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christian hour3550d ago

Seems pretty interesting actually.

Sonyslave33550d ago

wait did he just say the spartans was suppose to controll the human race

christian hour3550d ago

They were designed to be a special unit that would take out raiders and pirate bases or rebel bases/commanders etc. To get the job done quick, easy and with no casualties, but then all of a sudden a few years after the spartans have been around the covenant show up and destroy harvest (spartans where top secret still at the time).

So the UNSC rolled out the spartans to fight the covenant and they were made public. But there's evidence that the UNSC knew about the covenant decades before they first attacked and started the spartan training programme to prepare. Apparently the covenant had been watching us for years.

Its kinda explained in the games and explained in more detail in the novels. Just thought you'd like your question answered.

OlvaR3550d ago

they were supposed to control the masses and take care of terrorists, secret missions and stuff...pretty dark hah? :P that's why you can get a clearer vision by reading the novels! totally recommended