GameDaily: Battlefield 1943 Preview

GameDaily writes: "1943 features regenerating health instead of random health pack, something that'll probably cause players to retreat instead of running into a fight guns blazing. In addition, the weapons have unlimited ammunition and you can opt to re-spawn wherever you like, an option that'll let you quickly get back into the fight.

After playing Battlefield 1943, we cannot wait to check out the final version. EA and DICE have thus far delivered an easy to get into and thoroughly enjoyable shooter that'll quickly become one of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3's most popular games. Look for it this summer".

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BGDad3554d ago

Hope it fails, love the BF series but mainly becaue of Desert Combat and the mods.. Usually the game itself sucks. The new one was headed in the right direction but now they are going back to the WW stuff? Why?

RJ920093554d ago

is the a psn xbox live game our is it comeing out a disk?