GiantBomb Review: Killzone 2

At this point, the tale of Killzone 2's long march to market has become the stuff of legend. GB can't imagine anyone thought that a simple trailer, debuted at E3 back in 2005, would reach this sort of mythical status, and that the anticipation for the final product would become so ridiculous. While plenty of people will spend plenty of time dissecting Killzone 2 and trying to decide if it "lives up to the hype" or some such nonsense, all that really matters is the final, core transaction. Killzone 2 is $60. Should you pay $60 to play the content contained on that shiny little Blu-Ray? Yeah, you probably should.

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pwnsause3549d ago

Giantbomb is on Metacritic, I always knew they would like it.

HDDVD183549d ago

also console monster = 96%

more incoming

HDDVD183549d ago

Giant bomb = 5/5

Console moster = 96%

keep them coming

ofx3603549d ago

I wonder if Killzone2 will beat (or tie) Gears of war2 at metacritic. This will be interesting. Can't wait for tomorrow!

XxZxX3549d ago

yeah and who ever wrote KillZone2 the most returned games articles and who ever approve it should be shot.

Such a nice game, and they are spreading FUD.

I looking forward to KillZowned you tonight. War out.

ruibing3549d ago

Not if Metacritic keep on including short reviews from unknown sites like Absolute Games and Teletext GameCentral that are way below the mean.

SL1M DADDY3548d ago

Is pure folly. After all the crap they pull with PS3 reviews and posting fewer positive reviews and more negative reviews from obscure sites... Sorry, but they have lost all cred with me and many of us gamers here. Glad I simply rent games to buy and rate for myself rather than relying on a pathetic excuse for a collective review site like Meta.

lalalala3548d ago

Guys this game is a LOT better that Gears 2, seriously you play KZ2 and you'll realise that it is amazing.

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s8anicslayer3549d ago

yep, that should bring up the score on metacritic .1

HDDVD183549d ago

KZ2 will be above 90%

so no worries there anyway

I think Gaming age will give it A as well

s8anicslayer3549d ago

Someone is already hitting us with disagrees,you Trolls...

HDDVD183549d ago

I feel bad for them
By the way i am selling my x360 tomorrow

mail me if u want one for 200$ but no warantees

Shadow Man3549d ago

You don't own a 360 and you just made you 45 account 2 days ago.

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skynidas3549d ago

Nice score, I love this website

HDDVD183549d ago

Giant bomb is a great website

Dark General3549d ago

Yup their podcast is the 2nd best gaming podcast next to 1up yours/Listen Up. And the video's are always funny.

kickaski3549d ago

Giant Bombcast is better than Listen UP, but not 1UP Yours. you're lucky you can enjoy Listen UP more than i can :-)

Dark General3549d ago

I'm still getting used to Listen UP but i still enjoy it. Not quite as good as 1up yours yet but i think with time it'll reach back to that level. Hopefully. Giant Bombcast is pretty cool and i started listening after the last show of 1up Yours.

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frayer3549d ago

Lol @ the bots thinking the score would keep going down. Lol

HDDVD183549d ago

when all reviews are in and thats what matters

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