Convert Your Girlfriend to Gaming: A Guide

gameplayer writes:
"No longer will you have to suffer, waiting patiently for Eva Longoria's five pitiful minutes of screen time, wishing you could punch Dr 'McDreamy' until his face is a crimson mass of pulped flesh. We're here to help convert your missus into a gaming machine. Dr Phil is our bitch: follow our advice and reap the benefits…"

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ShinMaster3578d ago

My gf is already a gamer. She's awesome :P

Jager3578d ago

So your Girl LBP, it will work like a charm.

kornbeaner3578d ago

Already turned mine into a gamer. Thank you Nintendo for the DS.

outlawlife3578d ago

my girl plays games more than me, no need

she owns me at call of duty on a regular basis

astronautbread3578d ago

i think it's interesting what kinds of games girls gravitate to. people do tend to assume that singstar, and the sims are easy hits. But, in my experience this really isn't true. my girlfriend, and friends who are girls, play a wide variety of games. the main factor it seems is: controls they can wrap their head around. games like flower and littlebigplanet are easy sells, because the controls are really simple. but from there, it really depends on their experience and how their mind works. one thing i find interesting though is that all the girls i know that play games (at all) play tekken, usually pretty well. and it's because the control's make perfect since. a button for each limb combined with a direction is 95% of the time going to be what is expected. down and X is always going to be a low kick with the left leg, etc. (for most characters). it's when the controls are arbitrary that it loses them (this really applies to any non gamer, nothing to do with gender). MGS 3 being a prime example, the controls in that game are something you are taught (by the game ofcourse), rather than something easily figured out with logic. (you could argue that LBP's controls are arbitrary, and you wouldn't be wrong. but, the fact that you only need to use the 2 easiest to hit buttons on the controller, makes it moot. littlebigplanet's controls must be "taught", but they can be taught in approx. 6 seconds.)