EA has 25 unique projects in development for Wii

EA seems to be stepping up their support for the Wii with the likes of Dead Space: Extraction and will continue for foreseeable future.

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kazuma3578d ago

damn, i knew ea had some problems because of last year revenue but i didn't know they needed the cash that badly (wii and ds are money-printing machines)
still, as long as they're good i'm all for it, bring them ea


B..B.. But... But EA only make Multiplatform.

Smacktard3578d ago

Cool. Maybe some of them'll be good!

Product3578d ago


EA says what recession?

FinalomegaS3578d ago


that's a lot of

Out of that many we must have some AAA games worth, hopefully :)

Samer3053578d ago

Its all probably shovelware. More of the same.

3578d ago
Samer3053578d ago

Most of those games I consider shovelware sorry no offense.

Mahr3578d ago

I think 5.1 was being facetious.

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The story is too old to be commented.