Has 64-bit computing finally come of age?

There's only one thing worse than a technological breakthrough that never gets going: one that makes a promising start, but fails to fulfil its potential.

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krauley3552d ago

between vista 64 and windows 7 64 i cant get some games to run right and with w7 lots of web pages wont load right until i use the 32bit IE. Dont know why we cant just move on into the 64 bit computing universe already so that 128 bit versions of windows can be the new incapatable future :)

XiaoSet3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

I will have to disagree with you. I use Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1, and my games work flawlessly, less of my RAM is used, things just run faster, load faster, seamlessly transcend into anything, etc. I had Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit SP1, and it just doesn't compare to a 64-bit version of itself.

As for MIE, why are you even using Internet Explorer...? If pages don't load on a 64-bit version of MIE, then MIE is the problem, don't use it. I personally hate MIE.

Windows 7 is still in beta, don't fret.

EDIT: I use 4GB RAM, and on 32-bit it shows at 3.25GB RAM (obviously, for anyone who knows anything about computers) but when doing normal things, it uses a lot of RAM, nearing 70%, but on 64-bit version, it drops to around 15% on normal load, doing the same things as on 32-bit.

Jrome3552d ago

No, because people want to run vista with 256 MB of ram :\. When they could just get 8 GB >=) on 64bit w00t.

krauley3552d ago

do get me wrong i really like windows7 but without support, especially 64bit support its not going to do any better than vista. i am one of the many that had trouble getting drivers for vista 64 so now my $100 software sits there unused. and i agree about the ram, the reason i went to vista 64 was to get use of my 4 gigs of ram that i proudly paid a good amount for when ddr2 first came out. i am hoping that hardware and software companies let go of xp and work to support win7 both 32 and 64 bit versions.

SaiyanFury3551d ago

I've been using Windows 7 64-bit and the load times are so fast it's not even funny. I'm only running 4GB in dual-channel and I've seen a huge performance boost. There was a time when a new Windows OS furthered the advancement of hardware. It's only peoples' refusal to upgrade that holds us back. The future is 64-bit and peoples' refusal to upgrade will hold them back. Windows 7 is not the same as Vista as it's been improved very well. I'm glad I upgraded to a 64-bit capable processor. The results are obvious.

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ChozenWoan3552d ago

Companies such as Pixar and LucasArts have used 64-bit Linux computers for the past decade because they need to work with products like Autodesk's Maya, an app for creating 3D models. On a 32-bit PC running Windows, the 3GB limitation per process would mean breaking the models into separate pieces and continually swapping memory to hard disk.

Might be time to forget M$ and get with the cutting edge OS.

specialguest3552d ago

Whatever happened to the bit title that consoles once had? Remember 16bit Genesis, 32 bit, etc. What bit is the PS3/360 anyway?

Sircolby453552d ago

Considering the fact that all computers except for the bottom of the line models are coming with 64-bit nowadays, it is here whether people like it or not. Personally I think the faster we make the move the better.

I have had great success with 64-bit Vista. The only thing I have not been able to get to work so far is a Cisco VPN program.

JDW3552d ago

I use wifi...and when i play my online games I get connection issues with vista 64 every 60 seconds.

Very lame.