MLB 09: The Show requires massive install

PSU writes: "Are you a big baseball fan? If so, it might be time to upgrade your hard drive. When our review copy of MLB 09: The Show floated into our mailbox today, we were a bit disappointed to discover that it, like so many other recent games, has a mandatory 5GB install. While installs often benefit loading times and game stability, it's no fun when you have to delete other media, downloadable games, and other content to make room for a new install."

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Blaze9293549d ago

5GB seems to be the standard now for these installs. Its unfortunate, i dont think anyone was expecting installs to be damn near mandatory for alot of these games.

massive, just makes me giggle.

marinelife93549d ago

After playing the 2k9 demo last night I'll definitely take the install for the Show instead.

Old_School_Gamer3549d ago

5 gigs of space is worth playing the best baseball game of all time for.

Timberland2K93549d ago

Thats alot this game better rock and be worth my 5 gigs

Bell Boy3549d ago

I must be buying the wrong games cause the way these installs are reported here you would think all ps3 games required it which is not the case at all infact only a hand full that i have played required install then usually optional such as ut3.

On the flip side my 320gb pimped ps3 ain't going to be worried anyway but hey keep trying to make out everything is negative for ps3.

By the way running out of space due to game installs and running out of space no need to buy a new harddrive spend a whole minute of your life and uninstall an older game, wow that was hard wasn't it.

spunnups3549d ago

im definitely buying this game. after i get KZ2 and inFAMOUS of course. best baseball series of all time.

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