TGR News Roundup: New Wii Controller, Sam and Max Head to XBLA

A new Wii controller, Duke Nukem makes the rounds, and EA rethinks their release strategies.

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DK_Switch3577d ago

Another controller to buy. Shiny!

cain1413577d ago

Looks like a crappy mix of an SNES and a Gamecube controller...

NeverforgetNES3577d ago

For some reason, the new classic controller looks so weird to me. No bueno. ha

Smacktard3577d ago

Bit wary of the new classic controller. Gamecube controller is best, and the current classic controller is kind of tacky. It's too small and not comfortable. I wonder how the new one handles.

Also, it does NOT have a new set of shoulder buttons. Classic controller also has 4 shoulder buttons. They're just shaped differently.