Limited Midnight Launches for Killzone 2 at GameStop

Ashley, the friendly automated GameStop operator called today. She informed me that KillZone 2 would be available at the Midnight launch (tonight).

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213550d ago

i really wish that my gamecrazy had a midnight launch... im gonna cry since i'm gonna be bored while people on my friends list will be playing this tonight

NegativeCreepWA3550d ago

Same here, I had message when I got home saying I could pick it up at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Its going to be a long night, I think ill just play End War.

beavis4play3550d ago

as i've said in the past, i don't do midnight launches for anything. but all three GS in my area (one in town, 2 within 25 miles) are having MN launches.

Blitzed3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Not only is my local EB not having a midnight launch but there is not a single KZ ad in the place, not a single poster. They dont even have a box in the coming soon section.

I asked why and was told "there isn't much interest in that game." The fun part was a minute or so later when he realized the 3 people in line (and the only people in the store) were all there to pre-order KZ2.

It will be the last game I purchse from EB.

40cal3549d ago

The midnight launch was left to the disgretion of the store managers. I really don't care either way because I have a copy right now. Hells Yeah!

xwabbit3549d ago

Man mine isn't having a freaking midnight release :'(

Montrealien3549d ago

We are having one at my store tonight, still got a few copies left if you're in Montreal. It's the Microplay at 1300 Mount Royal. We are one of the few stores that have midnight launches in all of Quebec.

harrisk9543549d ago

I know... it sounds like an irrational fanboy rant. But, how do you explain the fact that none of the 3 Gamestops near my house are having midnight launches even though when I spoke to the 3 store managers, each told me that they had in excess of 50 preorders.... HOWEVER, they were doing Halo Wars midnight launches even though they had less than 10 preorders in each store! Plus, the Gamestop website has Halo Wars as its "main" game at the top of the page instead of the much more anticipated Killzone. I hate to say it, but.... How does anyone explain this as anything other than bias or that they are getting paid by MS to hold midnight launches?

Yipee Bog3549d ago

Gamestop lady, however the employees in the store were a bunch of d bags. Last time I buy from them, they are extremely biased. They did have some advertising for Killzone in there but they just acted like they didn't want to make a sale. They even were talking about a Halo Wars MN launch, even though they had like no reserves on it.

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boodybandit3550d ago

I live 2 miles from a 24 hour Walmart. No problem. I wouldn't go to GS any way. I usually pick up my games at Best Buy. They have new releases right at the front door. In and out in 2 minutes.

Max Power3550d ago

i am sure the 7-11 down my street has the game. there is no rush for greatness.

ryuyasho3549d ago

received the call from GS saying that KIllzone 2 will arrive Feb 27 in the morning = meaning Feb 27 @ 12:00am... i'll be there, get it and play all nightmare long...

HungPHAT3549d ago

this isn't Halo Wars buddy !! It's a real exclusive or a hacked up halo garbage RTS buddy

Samer3053549d ago

Exactly what I do. Best buy always has the new releases. Get in and out quickly so I can go home and play the game.

YogiBear3549d ago

nice metallica reference!

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frayer3550d ago

Getting mine from Amazon tomorrow. I don't shop at bot stores.

BGDad3550d ago

Gamestop is anti Ps3 games so im anti gamestop for all my platforms.. Plus i was sick of them opening MY game.

Montrealien3549d ago

I run a microplay in Montreal and we are anti fanboys. We chase them with brooms.

Max Power3550d ago

my gamestop isn't doing this, but no matter i just won't come on this site tonight, and i'll pick it up tomorrow after i hit das gym.

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