NZGamer: 3 on 3 NHL Arcade Review

NZGamer writes: "The presentation is pretty in your face, as you might expect from a game with an arcade based attitude. Visually the game holds its ground amongst peers, although the lack of player detail is disappointing as they all seem alike. And rather than a straight out audio package, you're greeted with a wide array of goofy sounds, and in-game the arena announcer maintains originality for all of the first period or so, before you'll reach for the mute button.

There just isn't enough game content within NHL Arcade to justify a purchase, even by XBLA standards. The game would have been better suited as an Easter egg in the next NHL franchise title, as its enjoyable enough gameplay would have provided great relief for a long season or playoff campaign".

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goflyakite3549d ago

People are so harsh on this game.

I've played the demo at least 20+ times. (if I ever get money on the store I'll buy it)

I think it's great to blow off 5-10 minutes, rather than trying to start up and get into a full game.