Evil Avatar: Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers Hands-On

Evil Avatar writes: "There's been a few Magic: The Gathering games, and none of them have been really that great. Magic: The Gathering Online unfortunately made you purchase your own cards and booster packs digitally to create your decks. At that point, why not just play live with real cards? It worked well enough but always felt a little too clunky for its own good, never having that bit of polish that could have helped it excel."

The Good

* This is a near perfect digital representation of Magic: The Gathering
* Fantastic looking high-resolution cards and artwork
* Plays very well with a 360 controller

The Bad

* Horrible soundtrack
* Vanilla

The Ugly

* Three Spined Wurms (5/4) with Overrun (a +3/+3/Trample). OUCH.

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