Picking up Your Copy of Killzone 2 Soon? Snap a Pic

If you're picking up Killzone 2 soon, be sure to take a photo!

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LukaX233550d ago

Not only am I taking photos, but videos as well! :P

HoangLow3550d ago

what do you use to record your video,i don't want to use my camera anymore. (and dont say look up at google i already did)

Spydiggity3550d ago

so i'm the only one who thinks this game is way over rated? i haven't tried the multiplayer yet, but the controls are simply awful. i'm about 5 hours into the campaign and i'm still not able to instantly aim for the head. and i've been playing fps on console since goldeneye. this game just seems to completely miss the mark. it's hard to put a finger on exactly what it's doing wrong. but it seems to be a combination of right joystick sensitivity and controller lag. there also seems to be TOO much motion blur, so when you're making a quick turn to take out a guy behind you, the screen gets so fuzzy that it's hard to make out what you're looking it. ALSO, i'm noticing during intense moments there's a massive frame rate drop.

the reviews do almost nothing to mention this, but it's too in your face to ignore. usually your eyes can make the adjustments, but in this game it's just too many things for your brain to process without noticing. maybe it's because i'm a PC gamer and i have a standard much higher than what's on console. but even when i switch to halo, gears of war, even resistance, i can eventually make the transition without losing much ground against console gamers. but this game is too much. makes you wonder where that 50 million went.

Nicolator3550d ago


Kushan3550d ago

Mine's coming direct from Sony. I have a friend who works for them, but it means I have to wait until he finishes work, a solid 10+ hours from now :(

Cryxen3550d ago

already finished the campaign.

jwatt3550d ago

Got the midnight release jumped right online, the mp is fun as hell. Im going to start the campaign after I get off work today.

STICKzophrenic3550d ago

I'll probably post a pic here. I can't wait!!

STICKzophrenic3550d ago

It's so freakin' awesome so far.

THE TRUTH3550d ago

Aquired by me ill be playing in less than 10 mins. Went to walmart picked up the 1st of 5 copies they had!

Psn I'd sumtynnaztee

Let the killing begin!

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The story is too old to be commented.