Killzone 2: Exclusive Badge Abilities Part 4: Saboteur

Primary Ability: Disguises as a ramdomly selected enemy player.

Secondary Ability: Places a Proximity charged C4 sticky explosive.

"Specifically tailored to the sneakiest players."

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villevalorox3550d ago

SO BAD ASS!!!! I really can not wait! Just less than 10 hours away!

locos853550d ago

I think Killzone 2 will be a great game, but I am seriously getting sick and tired of all this Killzone 2 news this past month. Let me just enjoy the game when it comes out, and see all find everything out on my own. It's time to find new news on another game. PLEASE!!!

hunter213550d ago

pretty neat, gives me the hype.

TheHater3550d ago

I just got my copy in NYC :)

Bot Hitler3550d ago

but whats the point if i dont have a ps3... i h8 you all...