Editorial: Does Sony Need M.A.G and God of War 3 This Year?

Gaming Podcast's Derrick Schommer ponders whether the PlayStation 3 needs M.A.G. and God of War 3 to be released in 2009.

Excerpt: "The 'year' Sony may be talking about is fiscal year 2009… which rolls into March 2010. Although Sony hasn't tagged either title with an ETA, it's being assumed that we're talking 2009 until spring 2010. Given most games launch in the September and October time for the holiday season that leads us to believe it will either arrive for the holiday or slide to 2010. If the title isn't ready for prime time by the holiday season, can you wait a full year for these games?

More importantly, can Sony?"

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MasFlowKiller3554d ago

If they do them it would just be icing on a cake,

a very delicious cake if i may add

interrergator3554d ago

uk wat they should wait till march and put a super bowl ad for that game

Doppy3553d ago

Sony has an impressive line-up without them, but if they do come out there line up will that much better.

SL1M DADDY3553d ago

Total annihilation.

Nuf said.

Omega43554d ago

They need either GOW3 or GT5 this year or this holiday season sales may end like the last....underwhelming

Leio3554d ago

Dont know how it concerns xbots ?

Pennywise3554d ago

So underwhelming they didnt win one award for their games... oh wait.

JonahFalcon3554d ago

GT5 isn't coming out for a long long while.

JonahFalcon3554d ago

Regarding awards: Wii Sports won Best Sports Game, Best Strategy Game, Best Simulation, etc from BAFTA. I pay little stock in video game awards shows.

PotNoodle3554d ago


I enjoyed gears of war 2 so much more knowing that it had sold so much!!


Johnny Rotten3554d ago (Edited 3554d ago )

Regarding awards: Little Big Planet picked up:

* Console Game of the Year
* Family Game of the Year
* Outstanding Achievement in Game Direction
* Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction
* Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering
* Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
And to cap it off, SackBoy picked up the award for Outstanding Character Performance at this years AIAS.

Omega43554d ago

I never said their games were underwhelming, because i know they werent im saying the PS3's sales were

So you guys really think Sony will be able to survive another holiday season without a huge game release, because if you do all i can say is WOW

Johnny Rotten3554d ago

@ Omega what games were really that much better on the Xbox compared to the PS3? I bought Fable, Tomb Raider, Fallout for the Xbox and LBP, Resistance 2, Valkyrie Chronicles for the PS3.

Your point is pointless for people who own both systems, for somebody who only owns 1 system the selection of games were equal if you ask me.

Beast_Master3554d ago

I know that Omega is an xbot but he does make a good point. Even the first Uncharted release had Warhawk, and Heavenly Sword to help hold up the holiday season in 07. If GOW3, GT5 or MAG don't drop by the holiday ,all Sony will have is Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, which I am sure are great games but not the Knockout I was expecting them to deliver against MS. I expect one of those titles to hit in November so I am not worried.

**Infamous is still my most anticipated game of the year.

Spydiggity3553d ago

if a person doesn't like a line up for the ps3, which a TON Of ppl didn't, that automatically makes them an "xbot"?? grow up. just because this site is plagued with ps3 fanboys who refuse to buy a 360 and know nearly nothing about it, doesn't mean there isn't a group of actual REAL gamers that come to this site that own both systems and can just see with unbiased eyes which system has better games based on their preference (of games, not companies).

when you automatically accuse someone of being a fanboy simply because they don't agree with you, it quickly becomes clear who the actual fanboy is.

ps3d03553d ago

johnny reward from a blog and a ps3 fanboy dont count. I you want to rant about the rewards any game has try using a real site.

Anyways I dont think it matters when those games come out cause I dont think ps3 is ever going to get out of last place

Johnny Rotten3553d ago

here let me re-link that to something you might click on. It was the 12th annual Interactive Achievement Awards.

And your probably right about last place, but considering there's only 3 places who really gives a crap. Really?

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ALL_STAR_283554d ago

Well i sure as hell want them out this year....

_Q_3554d ago

Too many Multiplayers. Bring on the th SPs though
GOW 3 will be all win for the Holiday

TheColbertinator3554d ago

They need either GT5 or GOW3 for 2009.If anything I recommend Sony push MAG and GOW3 for Turismo 5 to release this year.

Major_Tom3553d ago

Really, they should push all their games out to release in 2009. It would make a very epic year.

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