Interview: BioWare CEO & EA VP Ray Muzyka

The BioWare boss and EA VP discusses Dragon Age: Origins, Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Mass Effect trilogy, and whether EA's serious focus on quality is actually paying off.

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leper6413577d ago

Nice interview!!

"It's been interesting to see how the gamer perception of EA has dramatically changed over the last few years as a result. But some point to the fact that the share price isn't what it was - can you correlate the two things? Do the risks scare the shareholders?"


PS360WII3577d ago

"So we don't want to license engines for the sake of licensing engines; we want to license engines to make great games"

Please take note Epic...

dirigiblebill3577d ago

The whole "does it really matter if players have choice" thing is interesting. Every developer's into giving players "moral choice" these days, so you have to ask yourself whether Bioware is doing anything all that new in Dragon Age...