Sign Up For Freaky Creatures Open Beta

Abandon Intercative Entertainment is now accepting sign-ups for the Freaky Creatures Open Beta.

Players can try out the game by visiting the Freaky Creatures beta page. Once in the game, you can create your creature which has a whopping 3.2 billion build combinations, choose your powers and show them off by using them against other creatures.

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Maticus3582d ago

This game looks brilliant! A refreshing change from all the cheaply-made stuff that's coming out lately!

Dorjan3582d ago

Yeah I agree. Looks funny too :lol:

Leord3582d ago

I was just gonna say that! There seems to be a certain standard prevalent, and I see nothing negative by breaking the mould a bit!

Maticus3582d ago

Yeah it looks hilarious! Kinda Spore-like but with more to do.

Leord3582d ago

Oooh, I like the big-green-head-man! Very creative =D

Medievaldragon3582d ago

That looks nice. That's a lot of combinations. Is this Spore killer?

Fyzzu3582d ago

Ahaha that looks awesome. I might sign up for this.