Is Street Fighter IV The 'Mario Kart' of Fighting Games?

It's been 10 years since the last numbered Street Fighter Game and Street Fighter IV is finally on store shelves. Capcom's taken the game back to its roots by balancing out the characters more than ever and making it accessible for n00bs, all while managing keeping the gameplay deep enough for pro players to enjoy. Possibly the most significant addition to Street Fighter IV is the revenge meter. As players take more damage, the meter can be filled up to preform life-bar-draining Ultra Combos which can drastically change the outcome of a match. Could these new Ultras be referred to as the blue turtle shells of Street Fighter?

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forthegamergood3550d ago

Good article, but it would have been interesting had you taken that Mario Kart-SFIV comparison all the way through it, perhaps comparisons on characters, moves outside of the Ultra, etc.

Great article regardless!

brownkidd3550d ago

Thanks for the critique and compliment!

no_more_trolling3550d ago

i love mario kart,,,and i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oove street fighter. i remember when i was in 3rd grade. when street fighter 2 just came out. i was doing dragon punches like crazy

Heldrasil3550d ago

Damn, makes me feel ooolllllddddd...
I was playing SF2 in the arcade when I was a Freshman in High School...

IVYvsTAKI3550d ago

You never could block a blue shell in MK. Ultras can be blocked, and dodged.
You don't need skills to use a blue shell, but you gotta be able to input the ultra combo command correctly to use it.

Don't like the comparison...

brownkidd3550d ago

Sure, pulling off an ultra is way easier than picking up a blue shell, but you can be a terrible Street Fighter IV player and win by getting lucky and landing an ultra at the end of a round, just like terrible Mario Kart players can get get lucky on the last lap by using powerups.