GDC: Mobile Session Itself Goes Massively Multiplayer

Dan Roy – game designer for The Education Arcade – served as impromptu moderator, posing questions to the audience and directing conversation. Of particular focus were the issues of conflicting audiences and the feasibility of real-time play – given a built-in lag of, at minimum, half a second.

Two representatives from Russia-based Nival Online used the projection system to show off their JRPG-styled MMO Entis. "How do you keep both casual and hardcore gamers interested," Roy asked, as much hypothetically as of the Nival crew, "And how do they interact with each other?"

"This game is unique," they replied, adding that it had only been out for a month in Russia, "so we're not sure yet what audience it's for."

Another audience member followed up on the question, noting that clearly World of Warcraft does a good job of balancing between core and casual players, both attracting a broad and mainstream audience and rewarding obsessive play. How, he asked, do you follow that model in the mobile space?

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