Runes Of Magic Reveals New Arena System

Frogster has released information and screenshots revealing Runes of Magic's new arena system, which will be introduced into the open beta next month.

Players will be able to speak to the Arena Master in the Obsidian Bastion, capital city of The Order of Dark Glory faction, who will match them up with another player with similar stats.

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Fyzzu3579d ago

This looks like an interesting game. Always good to hear more about it.

Maticus3579d ago

They release news all the time, I think it will do well despite the bad rep it's got about being a WoW clone lol.

Maticus3579d ago

Massive rip off! But, it's free and it does look decent quality. I'll probably check it out once it's live.

Leord3579d ago

Haha, I was gonna say! It looks 100% like a WoW screenshot with bad rez from here! =D

Maticus3579d ago

The characters look quite good actually, there's a lot more customisation than in WoW.

thetamer3579d ago

Will the Arena master do it for everyone, that's the question? IF so, I reckon we should inundate him with requests for matching.

Dorjan3579d ago

Lets hope the balance is good enough that you're not left standing bored and also not crushed with no chance!

Maticus3579d ago

That's the tricky part, if WoW hasn't managed it I don't see how a F2P game will.

Medievaldragon3579d ago

That's an interesting system. So this Arena master is like a matchmaking feature just it does the matching automatically rather than forcing you to enter parameters manually?

Leord3579d ago

Looks like they just try to emulate WoW, more or less =P

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