AvClub: Killzone 2 Review


"Multiplayer mode is taut and consistently exciting. Developer Guerrilla made two great choices: players can customize characters with classes (medic, saboteur, etc.) and weapons, adding depth and longevity to online encounters. And five game types (all variations on classic modes like Capture The Flag) flow one into the next with no stopping in online lobbies, preserving the game's momentum.

Consider the simplistic storyline a training ground for the surprisingly varied online game, and overdose on visual splendor every step of the way."

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Orange3582d ago

I'm already sold, but I trust the A/V club more than just about any other site.

Blackmoses3582d ago

Aren't these the same guys some months ago who burned their 360's or something like that? Proclaiming this game was gonna own all? So why give it an A- .... LOL!!! Can;t wait!!!! Midnight release for me!!!!!