8BIT Review : Halo Wars


"This is really quite an impressive note for Ensemble studios to go out on. It was the best real time strategy game that I played since Myth and Warcraft 2. Robert Heinlein fans like me will get a smile from when the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers show up for the first time. If the Xbox can pull off a good RTS game than it is yet another kind of games that you don't need to play on a PC. Halo Wars made me want to check out the Command and Conquer games on Xbox 360. This is an incredibly polished project by people that knew how to make a good RTS and had a budget to do all the thing they wanted to. This is a great game for fans of Halo and real time strategy games. It really can stand on it's own merits with out exploiting gamer's high expectations from the Halo name."

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