Microsoft Announces Windows 7 Changes Writes:

"Microsoft has unveiled some of the changes it will make to Windows 7 when it moves from the popular public beta to its first release candidate.

From the start, Microsoft has openly admitted that some features are not included in the beta that will make the final version; and on the Engineering Windows 7 blog, the software giant has noted some of the changes it will make following feedback.

It suggests that the 36 changes listed are just a sample of some of the changes it will have integrated into the first release candidate of Windows 7, when it finally arrives. "

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Vip3r3550d ago

I take it/hope vista owners will be getting a discount when W7 comes out?

Kushan3550d ago

Only if you buy it after a certain date (I think it's may this year).

ThatCanadianGuy3550d ago

A discount would be a good idea.Would sway alot of vista owners.

Baka-akaB3550d ago

Damn no! I prefer the current flashes over the previously in your face annoying stuff , let's not go back there!