Ratchet ps3: The Game looks just as Good as those Screenshots

Everything else you want to know about Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction by 1up, including a new impressive ingame screenshot and screens of the environments.

1ups April issue is starting to hit subscribers, and their message boards lit up about their Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction cover story.

"The environments: The screenshots in our cover story were all taken from the Kerchu City level (and just to reiterate--yes, the game really does look as good as those screenshots)."

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power of Green 4000d ago

I don't know why these pics are so hyped?, maybe it's because this one looks better than the first.

kingboy4000d ago

maybe the fanboy in you wouldn`t allow u see why it`s great

kornbeaner4000d ago

Ratchet games have always been solid games that didn't need a mass amount of Hype to sell.

If this game is anything like the first 3 on the PS2 it's gonna be great!!!!

gnothe13999d ago

does the game look AS GOOD as those screen shots or are they INGAME screen shots.because im tired of people saying the game looks better than the pics or cgi showed(EA for madden o6,Sony for motorstorm,Killzone)when they know the game dont!!

techie3999d ago

ingame. As said by Insomniac in their podcast. Also if you look at littlebigplanet with its pixar like graphics and's no longer that hard to imagine.

achira3999d ago

and like microsoft did with GRAW 1, GOW, lost planet, fable, and thousand other games. look at the commercials of lost planet, and than look at the game, there are worlds in between. so dont fool yourself, ms cheats the most.

Keyser3999d ago

I've never been into Ratchet but if the game looks close to that I may give it a look.

Shrek3994d ago

The Rachet series is always top notch. There is a reason they have such a big fan base, they make really good games in my opinion.